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Status Quo: The crux of Political digital marketing is gaining enough voters for the politician to succeed. So, we’ve done what most other companies have done: created Apps that aims to help our customers. And in exchange for adding value, voters are likely to return the favor with their attention, trust, and action.

Our Mission

“Achieve the best application design and marketing strategy which would solve voters issues and help the politician to win”

Our Beliefs

Humility and willpower.
Leadership by example.
Dare to be different.
Union and enthusiasm.
Cost awareness.
Constant desire for renewal.
Accept and delegate

"Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business." - Winston Churchill
What we can do for you

Political App Development

What is the role of applications for political parties? Why is it time for political parties to take the unconventional route? Political parties around the world are constantly fighting to create a powerful and direct link with the millions of potential voters who have their future in their own hands. The result of this disorientation almost always results in nationals ignoring the values ​​that political parties represent and voting for the opposition. Through our political campaign and volunteer management application…

Website Development

We believe in a reflective design that moves the needle. When properly designed and optimized, a company’s website can become one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools at its disposal. We create attractive and impressive websites that keep the user experience at the forefront and serve as a powerful asset to our customers’ overall digital marketing strategy. By using carefully crafted web page content that contains key phrases and components (for SEO), we will ensure that your website…

Political Campaigning

Our political application development services are connected to social networks in the center of the system. Designed in the understanding that the future of the success of all political campaigns lies in the levels of participation in social networks, our social connection helps you make the most of your political applications. We help political parties to develop visual and text content that brings them much closer to millenary constituents across the country. We enhance your mobile applications for political campaigns…

Digital Marketing

Marketing and digital advertising services are now offered by a wide variety of companies. The local newspaper, the cable company, the yellow pages and many other media and marketing companies have invested heavily in digital tactical capabilities. We believe that these companies lack the resources, knowledge and objectivity necessary to develop an effective digital marketing strategy focused on achieving the objectives of your company. Our team has developed and executed successful digital marketing strategies for regional, national, e-commerce, nonprofit, government,…

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Contact Info
Contact Info

Address: 16/C, 2nd Main Rd, 2nd Stage, Ashraya Layout, Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

Telephone: 080 4098 8611

Email: contact@alipsys.com

Contact Us


Contact Info

  Adress: 16/C, 2nd Main Rd, 2nd Stage, Ashraya Layout, Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

  Telephone: 080 4098 8611

  Email: contact@alipsys.com