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Status Quo: The crux of Political digital marketing is gaining enough voters for the politician to succeed. So, we’ve done what most other companies have done: created Apps that aims to help our customers. And in exchange for adding value, voters are likely to return the favor with their attention, trust, and action.

Conflict: But as much as we preach about putting the customer first, we don’t practice it. Instead of offering the most value we possibly can, we make people give us their contact information in exchange for the very thing we promise is free. Then, with their contact information, we email and call them until they either unsubscribe or eventually buy. No one actually enjoys filling out forms, becoming a lead, and getting nurtured. Our ulterior motive is crystal clear. So are we actually being customer-centric?

Resolution: Let’s get rid of all our forms. If we really want to practice what we preach – putting our customers first and providing a more human and empathetic marketing experience – we should offer all of our content for free, with no strings attached.

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  Adress: 16/C, 2nd Main Rd, 2nd Stage, Ashraya Layout, Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

  Telephone: 080 4098 8611

  Email: contact@alipsys.com